Guided by our core values, inspired by the needs of patients, with a passion for science and a desire to discover new and effective oncology treatments, we leverage our expertise and network to bring life-changing therapies to patients.

In 2016 Riccardo Braglia, a third-generation drug development professional and Helsinn Executive Chairman, appointed a global team of experts to launch a venture capital fund, 3B Future Health Fund.

The Investment Fund unites know-how and authority within the pharmaceutical industry with the broad network and drug development knowledge of a highly diversified and experienced team.

The Fund currently made investments in 20+ promising start-ups advancing novel therapies in areas of high unmet medical need. During the first three years, the Fund registered its first exit, the EUR 425 million acquisition of AMAL Therapeutics by a top tier pharmaceutical company in 2019.

3B Future Health Fund


In 2020, the Fund was re-branded 3B Future Health Fund and launched in Oncology and Rare Disease Therapeutics.

The 3B Future Health Fund II is backed by the same proven team with the industry experience and network to advance promising projects from preclinical stage to the clinic and beyond. The team is motivated by the success of the first fund and united in its desire to provide transformative treatments for patients with cancer or rare diseases.

“We strive to bring new solutions backed by a solid scientific and technological foundation to patients with few treatment options to help improve their daily lives. As an investment fund with a management team with strong expertise in drug discovery, R&D, drug manufacturing, business development and licensing, and a strong ethical culture, we actively participate in the strategic management of our portfolio companies, sharing our experience and network to build value. I am delighted at the success of our first fund. 3B Future Health Fund II will be underpinned by the same core principle of bringing life-changing treatments to patients in the field of oncology and rare diseases, driven by a sense of purpose, excellent execution, personal involvement and premium performance.”


Riccardo Braglia

Chairman and General Partner of 3B Future Health Fund

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