Karin Hehenberger MD, PhD

Strategic Advisor

Karin brings over 25 years experience in the life sciences sector to the team. Karin is the Founder and CEO of Lyfebulb Holdings Inc, and has held strategic executive roles at JNJ, JDRF, and McKinsey, as well as senior partnership roles at multibillion-dollar investment funds including Brummer & Partners and Scandinavian Life Science Ventures. She has helped take two biotech companies public on NASDAQ: Eyetech Pharma and Coronado BioSciences. Karin currently serves on the board of the Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research, the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine Foundation and the New York division of the American Diabetes Association. She is an advisor to several start-ups, including OneDrop, Bonbouton, Diasome and Diatech. Her academic training includes an MD and PhD from the Karolinska Institute, Sweden and a post-doc from the Joslin Center, Harvard Medical School.

Karin serves on the board of Aadi Bioscience.

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